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Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award for 2019, and Finalist in the 2019 NGIBA, “the Sundance Film Festival of the publishing world.”


This collection of short travel stories should come with a public health warning! These tales have been proven to cause restlessness, perspective shift, and travel itch in reasonable people, which may result in you being branded a “Fly by Night” by your mother’s friends. This anthology of both hilarious and tear-jerking short stories compiled from constant adventure seeking, will immerse you in the sensual languages, music and food of the Mediterranean Sea, before scaring your socks off in the snow and ice of Russia. Author V M Karren will take you along to Vienna to enjoy ten days in the hospital, and then get you lost and stranded in the far north of Sweden, in winter. He will drive you through breathtaking Transylvania, over treacherous mountain highways, and get you arrested in Moscow. If you’re lucky, you will get off with just a warning while he is publicly berated for disorderly conduct by the Sicilian food police. This book will confirm the wisdom of your previous decision to keep your job, call your mother, and stay right where you are!


For readers looking for award-winning writing and entirely new subjects, V M Karren offers suspense, humor, and cultural intrigue.


V M Karren is the author of The Deceit of Riches Series, which currently includes two historical fiction/suspense novels: The Deceit of Riches and From the Rooftops.

Karren also penned the anthology of crazy-but-true short travel stories, The Tales of a Fly-By-Night, in which he shares his own experiences.  His love of travel and European culture later led him to write a series of short ‘cultural fiction’ stories set in various European nations.  Fate and Longing in Lisbon (May 2020) is set in Portugal, and The Witch of Drontenburg (September 2020), is set in the Netherlands.  Other short stories on this theme are also planned for release later in 2020.

Karren’s restless spirit, sense of adventure, and knowledge of Europe make him uniquely adept at bringing an exciting and often surprising view of Europe to his audience. These books have engaged and educated readers around the world (even readers of pirated copies in Russia) for the past two years, winning The Deceit of Riches international acclaim through both the ‘Next Generation Indie Book Awards’ and the ‘National Indie Excellence Awards’ in 2019.


Drawn to all things Russian as a young man, Karren went to the former Soviet Union in 1992 for language training, work and study, visiting the far corners of the former Empire, from Kiev to St. Petersburg, and Moscow to Volgograd. His travels and academic research landed him in some very precarious and dangerous situations, including a friendship with an American spy and run-ins with the FSB, which served as the inspiration for his debut novel, The Deceit of Riches.  Later experiences in Romania, Ukraine, and Western Europe inspired him to write From the RooftopsThe Tales of a Fly-By-Night, Fate and Longing in Lisbon, and The Witch of Drontenburg.

Beyond Karren’s studies and work in both Europe and Russia, his career in international trade has carried him to many corners of the world, from whence he brings you a library of hilarious, eye-opening and sometimes heartbreaking stories.  He currently lives in the Netherlands (Maastricht) with his wife and children.

The Tales of a Fly-By-Night - V M Karren, Maastricht-based Author

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