The Glowing Earth is a suspenseful story about saving the world in a race against and through time.

In this page-turning science fiction novel about time travel, the present-day becomes the past, as one future family travels to recover rare minerals meant to save humanity.

When the conquest of the Earth forces scientists to align with the richest man in the world to make a temporary settlement in space, a new planet and new population emerge along with advanced capabilities and no violence. But just when safety and salvation are assured, an unexpected enemy threatens all of humanity.

Readers seeking hard science fiction about dangerous new technology will discover a world-threatening scenario involving space travel, resource depletion, and hard-won solutions. A thrilling apocalyptic book about space exploration and humanity’s will to survive, The Glowing Earth is compelling science fiction about the first human space settlement that will keep you up late turning pages.

The Glowing Earth by Nad Wismar

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