Ten-year-old Jamie goes to spend the Christmas holidays with his grandfather - his Grancher Pete - in the beautiful and atmospheric Forest of Dean. Grancher Pete has a new hobby, collecting evidence of an elusive black panther which supposedly lives deep in the forest, and he takes Jamie with him to search for clues. He also introduces Jamie to three traveller children, Caro, Finn and Molly. The children show Jamie their huge forest playground and he is intrigued by their alternative outlook on life, which includes talking to animals in a strange language. Jamie's holiday becomes more exciting when a heavy snowfall covers the landscape and he sets off in search of his new friends. While he thought he knew the forest well, the landscape looks completely different and he becomes lost among the trees. To top it all, Jamie unwittingly puts himself in terrible danger and no-one knows where he is. Who will be able to save him? And how? Children and adults alike will be drawn into Jamie's holiday adventure. Join him in discovering that there are special moments in our lives, when 'unreality' steps into our everyday world to lend us a helping hand.

Footprints in the Snow by Maggie Holman

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